Awarding of TWG 2013

View the video produced by IWGA to inform prospective hosts for The Ninth World Games 2013 about the particularities of the multi-sport event.

The audio-visual bidders’ briefing for the ninth edition of The World Games is narrated by Alex Warner.

After the ninth edition was awarded to the German cities of Düsseldorf and Duisburg, the Duisburg City Council voted to renounce as host in December 2008.

The Council thus reversed its unanimous decision taken on 28 February 2008 to organize The Ninth World Games 2013 jointly with the city of Düsseldorf. It did this on the basis of communal regulations which allow for extraordinary expenditures only if the latter are “unavoidable.”

Duisburg informed IWGA President Ron Froehlich, the President of the German Olympic Sports Confederation, Dr. Thomas Bach, and the Mayor of Düsseldorf, Mr. Dirk Elbers, of the Council’s vote.

Partner city Düsseldorf always saw the joint hosting of The World Games 2013 under the aspects of “regional cooperation and support.”

“After Duisburg’s withdrawal, Düsseldorf is forced to drop out as well,” Düsseldorf Mayor Elbers told the press on 9 December 2008.

IWGA President Froehlich expressed his disappointment over the sudden reversal of the cities’ decision to stage the games in the Rhine-Ruhr area. “That the global financial crisis would not spare sports and major events had to be expected,” Froehlich said. “Nonetheless, The World Games remain a viable proposition for a host city due to their very nature. New infrastructure is never required to stage the competitions in our sports; cost-effectiveness remains the guiding principle for the whole event.”

Together with  an international sports consultancy firm appointed to assist in the tendering for future editions of The World Games, IWGA was able to line up two other candidate hosts for 2013.

IWGA  invited the prospective bidders – the Gauteng Provincial Government with the city of Pretoria, RSA, and the Department of the Valle del Cauca, COL, with the cities of Cali, Palmira, Yumbo and Jamundi – to make their first presentations to the 2009 IWGA General Meeting in Denver, USA.

While the eighth edition of The World Games was in progess – in July 2009 – the executive board of IWGA awarded number nine to the city of Cali and its partners in the Cauca Valley. President Froehlich revealed the board’s decision to grant the hosting rights to Cali/Cauca Valley at a press conference held in Kaohsiung, TPE. “The Games will be held for the first time in South America,“  Froehlich said.

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