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Bidding for The World Games 2017

January 31, 2011

Bidding for The World Games 2017The IWGA has undertaken a thorough review of the official Bid Application document for The World Games 2017 (TWG 2017) over the last six months. From today, 1 February 2011, the cities interested in submitting their bid can download the “Bid Application TWG 2017” document as PDF file from the widget on the right.

The Bid Application document describes the nature, scope and objectives of TWG. It provides insights into how the hosts of the most recent editions prepared and delivered the multi-sport games to the acclaim of stakeholders, participants and the public at large. It thus aims to serve as the first blueprint and a planning base for the future Host City.

The document also outlines the terms and conditions for the International World Games Association awarding, supervising and controlling TWG 2017 as stipulated by the relevant provisions in its Constitution and Regulations, the Rules of The World Games and the IWGA Technical Manuals.


In the document the IWGA provides comprehensive information under altogether 18 themes. This information is based on best practice standards and on the experiences made by organizers in previous editions of TWG.

  1. Games Vision and Concept
  2. Local Organizing Committee
  3. Local and National Support
  4. Legal Aspects
  5. Finance
  6. Sports and Venues
  7. Ceremonies
  8. Accommodation and Catering
  9. Transport
  10. Security
  11. Medical and Health Services
  12. Anti-Doping
  13. Media (Broadcast and Press)
  14. Communications and Promotion
  15. Marketing
  16. Technology
  17. Risk Management and Insurance
  18. Meteorology, Environment and Sustainability


The IWGA lists – per theme – the requirements that the applicant host cities must be able to meet and fulfill in order to ensure that TWG 2017 are staged in the most dignified manner, and that all objectives of the stakeholders in the event can be attained. These requirements range from conceptual frameworks to formal commitments and contracts with, or guarantees from, third parties.


Questionnaires for the 18 themes are the mainstay of the document. The applicant host cities are requested to complete each questionnaire, providing clear and concise information to the extent that is appropriate for the first phase of the bid process. The determination of the bid project’s initial feasibility is based on the review of the questionnaires. The aim of the format of responses is to save an applicant host city unnecessary work, effort and expense, and also to ensure that the information provided to the IWGA can be easily and objectively analyzed and represented.


The IWGA has also established the timeline for the bid process, from application to the award, clearly identifying the deadlines for each phase. The first one is coming up in four months, on 31 May 2011. The IWGA looks forward to receiving the completed Bid Application and the Bid Fee on or before this date.

Tables and Templates

Tables and templates for the applicant host cities to submit information under the different themes are referenced to the question numbers and will also be available for downloading from the widget.