Other Bid-Related Documents

Additional information is available from other official IWGA documents and sources. In preparing their files for the first phase of the bid process, applicant host cities should also refer to the publications and documents listed below.

  • The IWGA Constitution establishes in conjunction with the Regulations the overall objects, fundamental principles, functions, roles, policies and procedures of the IWGA.
  • The Rules of The World Games govern all aspects of organizing and staging TWG; they define the roles and responsibilities of the IWGA and the Host City in the partnership entered into for the purpose of organizing and staging TWG.
  • The Memorandum of Understanding IOC – IWGA defines the cooperation between the two organizations.
  • The document “Bidders’ Brief” provides prospective bidders with background information on TWG in general, the last and the upcoming edition, and on the bid process for TWG 2017.
  • IWGA Manuals providing guidance and directives to the applicant host cities in various areas are mentioned under the corresponding themes.
  • The IWGA websites and particularly the sites’ section dedicated to the bid process for TWG 2017 are the online source for information related to the IWGA, TWG and the bidding.
Note: As IWGA is in the process of revamping its website and re-launching it under a new URL (February 2011), three sites are listed below.




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