IWGA Constitution


IWGA Constitution


The IWGA Constitution is under revision at this time. On April 5 2011, an amended version of the Constitution will be submitted to the IWGA General Meeting in London for approval.

The version April 2010 is the one currently in effect. None of the proposed changes should have an impact on the bid process.

Proposed Amendments to Constitution and Regulations

•       The office of Secretary General to be replaced by that of Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

•       Unlike the former Secretary General, the CEO to be appointed by the Executive Committee, not elected by the General Meeting.

•       The Senior Vice President post to be abolished. There will be only one Vice President in the Executive Committee in future.

•       Only one officer (instead of two) per International Federation to be permitted to serve on the Executive Committee.

•       Some minor changes to be made to the conditions of eligibility for election to the Executive Committee.

•       The disciplinary powers of the Executive Committee to be more clearly defined.

•       Rules for the disbandment of committees to be introduced.

•       What were previously Regulations to be re-titled By Laws.

•       The sources of income of IWGA to be extended to include sources other than membership subscriptions.

•       The qualified majority for Constitutional amendments to be changed from 3/4 to 2/2.

•       New rules restricting the making of cash payments to be introduced.


IWGA Constitution

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